Ageing Skin: What Products Are the Best?

Ageing is a natural procedure and no one can prevent it. However, there are ways to restrict ageing and in the market you can come across hundreds of anti ageing skin care products that all claim to bring back the old glow and charm. They claim to have ingredients that help in reducing the wrinkles and dark circles and keeping you always charming.
As almost all the anti ageing skin care products claim to be the best, you will be really confused of what to choose. You will get the best results only if you use the best anti ageing skin care product. Your skin will be safe only if you buy the best anti ageing skin care product.

How is that one can choose the best anti ageing skin care product? First of all you should be aware that all anti ageing skin care product would not have lasting impact on your skin. You can get the best results only if you choose the anti ageing skin care product that fits your skin; choose an anti ageing skin care product that suits your skin type. If you find it hard to determine your skin type, you better contact a dermatologist or a skin specialist who will better know about your skin.

Once you have decided to buy an anti ageing skin care product, read through the label and understand what all ingredients are inside. Before buying any product it is better to make a comparison with other products.

Look for anti ageing skin care products that contain moisturisers, which are needed for skin glow. The skin becomes dry when one ages and this lack of moisturiser will lead to wrinkles. Look out for anti oxidants, which helps in arresting the deterioration of the skin. Another ingredient that has to be looked for is collagen, which helps in maintaining elasticity.


Facial Steaming Benefits for your face

facial steaming

Facial steaming has many benefits for the skin. Using a simple facial steaming device you can enjoy these benefits at your home in a comfortable and affordable way. The only cost of this in the long term is …water. Sounds great isn’t it?

Here are some of the main benefits of facial steaming:

  • Cleanses the skin: The steam helps to remove any bacteria dirt and impurities from your pores. It cleanses the skin and opens the pores and helps softening the whitehead and blucheads in order to be removed from the skin.
  • It also removes the dead fats and cells performing a deep cleansing.
  • It helps the blood veseels to dilate. The blood flow improves and the skin gets oxygenated, offering a good healthy circulation
  • Hydration: Your skin is hydrated and the skin’s suppleness gets increased.
  • Calming and relaxing: It is a calming and relaxing experience that sooths your mind and body.
  • Prevents acne: As we said, it cleanses the skin from blackheads and whiteheads and uncloggs the pores. If you scrub your face after the steaming you will have better results in the fight againste acne. You can try to use a few drop of tea tree essential oil in the water of the steamer to have better results againste blemishes and scars.

Before you perform your facial steaming ritual, make sure you have washed your face very good with a cleanser eliminating any signs of oil, dirt, makeup and sweat. This is because the powerful steam will open the pores of your skin and if your face is not perfectly clean this could cause irritations.

Also, make sure you are not making excess use of facial steaming. It is recommended to do it only for 5 to 10 minutes. If you overdo it, it dries the skin.

Keep a temperature that is comfortable (to breathe with ease). Very high tempeatures may cause burns and damage to the skin. You will find it easy to set a desirable temperature if you use one of the facial steamers in the market.

Find your Skin Tone

We know how much everybody values their skin.  The best skin care that you can do is to find the product with the right ingredients that will work well with your skin. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the expensive ones, but it has to have the right ingredients for it to be effective.

Different Skin Tones

Fair Skin –For people who have fair skin, the main challenge will be hiding fine lines. See, pale skin has less melanin, which is a pigment that protects your skin from UV radiation. People who have lighter skin tones are more vulnerable to the sun’s effects because UV rays dissolves collagen. This is responsible for preventing your skin from having wrinkles. The solution: sunscreen. Always use a moisturizer with SPF, or apply a layer of sunscreen if you’ll be outside for a longer period of time. Don’t forget to apply from time to time when you’re outdoors.

Olive Skin – Women who have olive skin are lucky because they have fewer wrinkles, however they are more sensitive. What you can do is to stick to a gentle facial cleanser, and you can use a mild moisturizer. If you apply sunblock, be sure that you choose the one with zinc oxide, because it is less likely to irritate your skin.

Medium Skin – People who has medium-fair complexion are more susceptible to dark patches. If your skin has this one now, you can apply a face care product that has hydroquinone, niacinamide, or soy. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen, or a tinted moisturizer with SPF 30 that has light-diffusing particles to hide discolorations.

Corns and Calluses.How are they created?

corns and calluses 1

Corns and calluses are actually common skin problems that happen in human’s skin. Commonly, it will appear on certain people who usually use their hands to lift heavy things. On the certain part of the hands, feet, toes or fingers, there can be thickened skins. The thickened skins are called calluses and corns. Actually, it is not a big problem and it will not be so dangerous for your skin. It is also not a tumor that may endanger your life. It is like a natural mechanism when your skin gets or bears heavy burdens or force for many times.

Although the corns and calluses may not be so dangerous, sometimes it can be quite annoying. Commonly, it can disappear when you try to reduce the weight that your skin bear. In this case, actually there are several differences between the calluses and corns. The corns are commonly smaller than the calluses. The corns have thickened skin in the centre of the corn, and it is surrounded by inflamed skins. When it is touched, it can be painful. Calluses are less painful, even sometimes it is numb. It is only a thickened skin and the size can vary. Commonly, those calluses appear on the palm or feet or on the fingers.

Commonly, the corns and calluses can disappear after several times. The problem is that it can be quite itchy so you want to scratch those things. When you scratch them, then there is possibility for the infection. In some cases, the calluses and corns can be quite annoying. For the treatment, it is better if you see doctor and let the doctor to cure them. It is because mistreatment can only create infection and it will only make things worse. For the prevention, you can start to wear shoes which can give your toes enough space to wiggle. You can also use protective covering. Then, if you work by lifting weights, you can use glove to protect your palms. A great solution for corns and calluses is to remover using one of the best callus remover tools that are available in the market. There are electric tools as well as foot files and other tools. Also, soaking your feet in chamomile and warm water helps to make them soft and makes the removal process easier.

Super-Tip To Make Your Eyelashes Longer

Well, today I’m not going to tell you about hair removal, but I want to share a beauty tip about another type of hair, eyelashes. I suppose most of you use an eyelash curler. The simple tip I have read about and starter applying it is the following:

Use your hairdryer on your eyelash curler for about 15-20 seconds in order to warm it. -Caution, do not make it hot like fire, you do not want to burn your eyelashes-

Then use it on your eyelashes like you would do normally and apply 1-2 coats of your favorite mascara. You will see a great difference!