Facial Steaming Benefits for your face

facial steaming

Facial steaming has many benefits for the skin. Using a simple facial steaming device you can enjoy these benefits at your home in a comfortable and affordable way. The only cost of this in the long term is …water. Sounds great isn’t it?

Here are some of the main benefits of facial steaming:

  • Cleanses the skin: The steam helps to remove any bacteria dirt and impurities from your pores. It cleanses the skin and opens the pores and helps softening the whitehead and blucheads in order to be removed from the skin.
  • It also removes the dead fats and cells performing a deep cleansing.
  • It helps the blood veseels to dilate. The blood flow improves and the skin gets oxygenated, offering a good healthy circulation
  • Hydration: Your skin is hydrated and the skin’s suppleness gets increased.
  • Calming and relaxing: It is a calming and relaxing experience that sooths your mind and body.
  • Prevents acne: As we said, it cleanses the skin from blackheads and whiteheads and uncloggs the pores. If you scrub your face after the steaming you will have better results in the fight againste acne. You can try to use a few drop of tea tree essential oil in the water of the steamer to have better results againste blemishes and scars.

Before you perform your facial steaming ritual, make sure you have washed your face very good with a cleanser eliminating any signs of oil, dirt, makeup and sweat. This is because the powerful steam will open the pores of your skin and if your face is not perfectly clean this could cause irritations.

Also, make sure you are not making excess use of facial steaming. It is recommended to do it only for 5 to 10 minutes. If you overdo it, it dries the skin.

Keep a temperature that is comfortable (to breathe with ease). Very high tempeatures may cause burns and damage to the skin. You will find it easy to set a desirable temperature if you use one of the facial steamers in the market.


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