Corns and Calluses.How are they created?

corns and calluses 1

Corns and calluses are actually common skin problems that happen in human’s skin. Commonly, it will appear on certain people who usually use their hands to lift heavy things. On the certain part of the hands, feet, toes or fingers, there can be thickened skins. The thickened skins are called calluses and corns. Actually, it is not a big problem and it will not be so dangerous for your skin. It is also not a tumor that may endanger your life. It is like a natural mechanism when your skin gets or bears heavy burdens or force for many times.

Although the corns and calluses may not be so dangerous, sometimes it can be quite annoying. Commonly, it can disappear when you try to reduce the weight that your skin bear. In this case, actually there are several differences between the calluses and corns. The corns are commonly smaller than the calluses. The corns have thickened skin in the centre of the corn, and it is surrounded by inflamed skins. When it is touched, it can be painful. Calluses are less painful, even sometimes it is numb. It is only a thickened skin and the size can vary. Commonly, those calluses appear on the palm or feet or on the fingers.

Commonly, the corns and calluses can disappear after several times. The problem is that it can be quite itchy so you want to scratch those things. When you scratch them, then there is possibility for the infection. In some cases, the calluses and corns can be quite annoying. For the treatment, it is better if you see doctor and let the doctor to cure them. It is because mistreatment can only create infection and it will only make things worse. For the prevention, you can start to wear shoes which can give your toes enough space to wiggle. You can also use protective covering. Then, if you work by lifting weights, you can use glove to protect your palms. A great solution for corns and calluses is to remover using one of the best callus remover tools that are available in the market. There are electric tools as well as foot files and other tools. Also, soaking your feet in chamomile and warm water helps to make them soft and makes the removal process easier.


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