Threading For Hair Removal

by Chileshe MwapeDSC02441Threading is an ancient technique for removing the unwanted hair that is still being used in many Eastern countries. It is traditionally used on the whole face like upper lip, eyebrows, chin, sideburns and cheeks. It can be done at home or in salons. It is especially good if you want to remove the fine hair that is on the upper lip or other delicate areas of the human body. You use a sewing thread to remove the hair from the root. (below the root). This procedure is easy and fast if you do this in a salon but if you like to do it yourself here is how:

How does Threading work?

A cotton thread is used, rolled along the skin’s surface and entwining the hair which is lifted out from the hair follicle.

For a start you will need a 2 feet sewing thread. You take each end of the thread on your hands and knot them together ending up having a continuous circle. Wind the thread 10 times until you make a bow tie. Next, slide the wound portion on one of your hands spreading your fingers of each hand while closing the fingers of the other. Practice moving the wound area back and forth by alternating the fingers you spread and close. When you reach the desirable point you can easily maneuver the wound area back and forth.

You should practice threading on the hair of your legs until you get used to it. Target the hair on your legs and place the wound side of thread on the one side of hair. After that, lay the thread on the opposite side around the sides of the hair. Stretch the fingers and close quickly moving the wound area to the other side. Following these steps you will capture the hair from the root removing them. Rinse and repeat until you finish the whole area.


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