Everything You Need To Know About Bikini Hair Removal

bikini hair removalYes, it is true that we are always beautiful and tidy. This does not mean that we can always manage to do it easily. Bikin waxing is probably the most difficult, unpleasant and painful part when visiting a beauty center, especially in summer! The esthetician-pharmacist Mr. Evi Kynigalaki answers all the questions a woman who wants to do bikini hair removal is ashamed to ask!

What should I do to hurt less?

The pain during epilation depends on several factors. First it has to do with the quality of wax used, the technique to be applied by a beautician, experience and expertise she has and the length of hair.

How soon can I have sex?

You need to spend at least 24 hours and you definitely need to an anti-inflammatory formulation, eg is the cream bepanthol, to tackle any inflammation.

Why there is itching after waxing?

Itching is one of the body reactions to waxing, and due to nerve endings that are stimulated by the “violence” to hair follicle. It is normal to itch for 24 hours. If it continues, this may mean that dermatitis is created and should be treated appropriately.

What underwear is good to wear after waxing?

Do not use string/thong for 24 hours at least! You need to wear cotton underwear and avoid the big rubber and lace since the friction can create irritation and dermatitis.

What should I do before I go to the beautician?

It is good to “clip” the hair in the area and apply a body lotion to the region.

What can I suffer from a visit to waxing?

If the beautician lacks the experience and expertise needed, then a woman can suffer from dermatitis, pseudofolliculitis, a burn or even an infection if hygiene is not properly observed.

In how many days can I swim?

It is good to avoid contact with the sea for three days. Then you can freely enjoy your baths!

In what cases bikini hair removal is not allowed?

When there is a cesarean section when there has been some intervention in the region when there is fungal infection, a sinusitis, inflammation or allergic.

How often can I do bikini hair removal?

Normally every 25 days. But if a woman has hormonal disorders (eg. Polycystic ovaries) that increase hair growth due to increased androgen, she can do it every couple of weeks.


Braun Silk Epil 7 Dual Epilator Review

braun silk epil dual epilatorIn summer most of our body is exposed to public view! Especially when you wear your favorite bikini, there’s an anxiety: not having any imperfection! With regard to hair growth, a depilatory machine is the best solution! But how can you expect without waxing up the trichoules reach the correct length and removed?

Using an epilator! This device identifies and removes even the tiniest hair! And that’s not all! This is ideal for wet and dry use!

Epilators for wet and dry use! Learn everything!

The epilator removes even the shortest, finest hair length up to 0.5 mm. This is the size of a grain of sand. The 40 tweezers in Close-Grip technology ensure superior performance and deeper waxing.
As has independent operation, can be used in dry running or in the bath or shower for the most gentle epilation.

Key features of depilatory device
– The designed specifically for epilation in warm water. The hot water is relaxing and soothing. The heat improves your traffic and increases the comfort of your experience while reducing skin sensitivity.
– The revolutionary technology Braun Close- grip makes epilating more efficient than ever. The 40 tweezers have been designed to close in top corner and captivate the hair from even closer to the skin for better waxing even the shortest hairs (0.5 mm.).
– Optimal performance
– Moving head
– The Silk-épil 7 Dual Epilator has a flexible head which can be moved up and 15 degrees back and forth. This means it can better adapt to the contours of your body for more comfort and maximum thoroughness. And it ensures maintaining optimal operating position.
– The edges SoftLift Tips® effectively lift even flat hair and lead to the tweezers for removal.

And some more features that make it special!

1. Smart-light lighting to prevent your escape anything!

The Smart-light lighting helps you easily instruct the epilation process and illuminates even the finest hair so as not to miss any.

2. Massage high frequency for more comfort

The high frequency massage system stimulates the skin and effectively soothes the pulling sensation during epilation to maximize comfort in your skin.

3. Waterproof and washable

All models can be used and cleaned under running water for better hygiene.

4. Individual speed setting

You can select the ideal speed for your individual needs: Speed ​​1 for extremely gentle epilation and speed 2 for highly effective hair removal.

5. Operating Autonomy – fast recharge

Silk-épil 7 Dual Epilator provides freedom of epilation in comfort wherever and whenever you want. In operation lasting up to 40 minutes – that comfortably cover a full epilation – and recharge in 1 hour and charging functions more quickly than many depilatory devices.

Well, with so many features Braun looks like a promising solution for hair removal.

The Braun absolutely trust the Silk-epil. For this and gives you full guarantee for excellent results: if within two months from the purchase date you are not completely satisfied, return your entire purchase amount.

Visit BRAUN website.

Threading For Hair Removal

by Chileshe MwapeDSC02441Threading is an ancient technique for removing the unwanted hair that is still being used in many Eastern countries. It is traditionally used on the whole face like upper lip, eyebrows, chin, sideburns and cheeks. It can be done at home or in salons. It is especially good if you want to remove the fine hair that is on the upper lip or other delicate areas of the human body. You use a sewing thread to remove the hair from the root. (below the root). This procedure is easy and fast if you do this in a salon but if you like to do it yourself here is how:

How does Threading work?

A cotton thread is used, rolled along the skin’s surface and entwining the hair which is lifted out from the hair follicle.

For a start you will need a 2 feet sewing thread. You take each end of the thread on your hands and knot them together ending up having a continuous circle. Wind the thread 10 times until you make a bow tie. Next, slide the wound portion on one of your hands spreading your fingers of each hand while closing the fingers of the other. Practice moving the wound area back and forth by alternating the fingers you spread and close. When you reach the desirable point you can easily maneuver the wound area back and forth.

You should practice threading on the hair of your legs until you get used to it. Target the hair on your legs and place the wound side of thread on the one side of hair. After that, lay the thread on the opposite side around the sides of the hair. Stretch the fingers and close quickly moving the wound area to the other side. Following these steps you will capture the hair from the root removing them. Rinse and repeat until you finish the whole area.