Hair and the boyfriend

Well, after my usual day at work today I decided to write something personal. Many of you know where I work and the long hours I have to spend working. Today I was so tired coming back home that I didn’t even have the mood to shave or use my epilator for my boyfriend. I knew he was going to make a move, so I had to do something, because my motto is always -no hair – yes to sex – hair – no sex.

In situations like these, I just prefer to be clear and straight things out. Well, he says that he does not have a problem but I do! So I found a way to make it work for both of us. Let him shave me.

It turned to be a nice erotic game between the both of us and I was not afraid at all, because like most of men he is very experienced in shaving. It was a weird but beautiful experience for the both of us. I suggest you to try it some time. Now my next thought is to convince him to let me…shave him down there. Let’s see what will happen!


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