Tips For Less Painful Epilation

epilation tipsEpilation is a procedure that is quite painful, mostly the first couple of times. After several uses, when you get used to the epilator and your hair becomes less strong it becomes comfortable and the pain is minimum. But what could you do in order to make epilation less painful? Here are some steps you can take in order to minimize the pain:

  1. Take a shower first : Taking a shower, the pores of your skin open and the hair follicles are getting easier to remove. It is best to use your epilator after the shower to make your hair removal more comfortable.
  2. Use a numb cream: You can always use a numb cream in order to make the area of the body to feel no pain at all. This is a choice only if you think you cannot handle the pain. If you use it , the whole procedure will feel just like shaving. Lidocaine creams are the most popular choices for this task.
  3. Use a wet/dry epilator: You can use a wet/dry epilator model that allows you to use it when you are in the shower. It will feel better, if you have water falling on the area you are epilating.
  4. Exfoliation: You can do exfoliation before the epilation. If you exfoliate well all the dead skin cells will be removed, making it a lot easier for the hair to come out. Also, the ingrown hairs you may have will be minimized. It is a great choice to do some exfoliation before the epilation process.

The most important is to choose an epilator that suits you. When you find the best epilator for your needs you will see that epilation is a money-saving and time-saving hair removal method that is convenient and easy.

This is a very nice guide for epilating :


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