Let’s Talk About Hair Removal

hair removalStrolling the aisles of cosmetics stores, along with the endless variety of products that make hair stronger and shiny, you’ll find a huge variety of products that promise that will help you get rid of the unwanted hair. Which hair removal method, however, is the best? And why do we need so many?

Different kinds of hair
All hair is made of keratin like our nails. The hair growth starts deeper than the surface of the skin and grows through the follicle, a small tube leading to the skin surface.
In our body we have two types of hair:
The cloth, which is soft, thin and short. Most women have fluff on the face, chest and back. It may be darker in color and more evident in some women, especially in brunettes. Lint helps the body maintain a constant temperature and provides a kind of insulation.
Normal hair, which is harder, darker and longer than the fluff. It is the same with the hairs that grow on the head. During puberty, hair grows in the armpits and pubic region. In men it also grows on the face and other parts of the body (chest, legs and back). The hairs on the body is there to provide insulation and protection for the body.
Often women suffer from hypertrichosis due to medical reasons. Polycystic ovaries and other hormonal disorders can cause the development of hard, dark facial hair (especially on the upper lip), chest, abdomen and back. Also the use of anabolic steroids can cause ypertrichosis.

Types Of Hair Removal

Shavingshaving legs
Using a classic razor in order to remove the section of hair coming out above the skin surface. Some razors are disposable and others have a disposable head, and there are also electric razors in the market.

The men use shaving to get rid of facial hair while women usually shave their underarms, legs and bikini area.
Duration: 1-3 days
– Pros: Shaving is the cheapest option and you can do it by yourself. All you need is warm water, a razor and if you like shaving foam or lather.
– Cons: burning, pimples, cuts and hair turned inwards are some of the drawbacks of shaving. The spin hair inwardly occurs with frequent shaving, curling and starts to grow under the skins surface, creating irritation.
• You will make closer shave if you shave in the shower when the skin is softened with hot water.
• Shave each area slowly, stretching the skin where it is loose.
• razors changed regularly to avoid irritation.
• Use foam or shaving gel.
• If you are afraid not to cut, use an electric shaver
• If the hairs are turning inward to try shaving on the hair’s way and not against.

Using a pair of tweezers, gently tense the skin around the hair, grabbing the hair as close to the skin surface and pull.
Duration: 3-8 weeks
Pros: Removing hair with tweezers is an extremely economical solution as all you need is a simple pair of tweezers.

However, it is very time-consuming process for areas that have a lot of hair. There are commercially and electrical devices called epilators that remove many hairs at the same time.epilady

Epilators are great devices that can have great results. The first times could be painful but when you get used to it, you will achieve hair removal in the most efficient way. After some uses, the hair grows less and does not come out strong like the hair after shaving. If you want to go with this method it is recommended to use an epilator instead of a simple pair of tweezers.
Against: It is quite a painful procedure and if the hair cut and not removed from the root can grow inward. Causes temporary irritation and redness in the area as the pocket violated and irritated. The epilators can not be used in areas such as the eyebrows.
Tips: Sterilize the tweezers before and after waxing, rubbing it with alcohol to avoid the possibility of contamination.

Depilatory creamdepilatory cream
The depilatory cream removes hair from the skin surface. It dissolves the structure of keratin, making hair to go with wiping or rinsing.
Duration: Several days to 2 weeks.
Pros: The hair removal creams act directly and are available in pharmacies and supermarkets with relatively low price. They are ideal for waxing legs, underarm and bikini area and there are special creams for hair removal on the face.
Cons: Many people are bothered by the smell. Also if your skin is sensitive may experience allergic reactions. Depilatory creams sometimes not effective at very bristles.
Tips: Read carefully the instructions that accompany the package and used the depilatory cream for the indicated time. Before you apply it in the pubic area read carefully whether it is appropriate for the genital area or if a label says “only for the bikini area.”

Depilatory waxwaxing
A specific layer of sticky wax is spread over the skin to unwanted hair grows. A cloth tape is applied over one tugging removed from the skin, the wax with the hair and dead skin cells. There depilatory waxes need warm and others cold applied. Waxing can be done at a beauty center or at home.

Duration: 3-6 weeks
-Pros: Waxing leaves the area smooth and is long lasting. Depilatories candles you can find at the pharmacy and the supermarket. The hairs that grow back is thinner and less visible compared to shaving.
-Cons: Most women do not choose waxing, why they do not stand the feeling of pain, as though it’s short. Also noted local irritation and redness and sometimes also in small pimples.
Professional waxing is more expensive than the previous depilatory methods. However if this is the first time you try waxing is better to do it in a beauty center to see how the professionals do.
If your skin is hypersensitive due to some treatment for acne (including medications with tretinoin and isotretinoin) or sunburned should avoid this method of hair removal.
Tips: To be effective waxing should be the hairs are longer than 6 mm. So you must avoid shaving for a few weeks before waxing. It is appropriate medotho for legs, bikini line and eyebrows.

In a series of several appointments, specialist beautician, using a special device, sends into the hair follicle electricity destroying the root. A small area such as the upper lip takes 4-10 hours and a larger area as the bikini will take about 8 to 16 hours.
Duration: Theoretically the result is permanent, but many women notice hair grow back.
-Pros: In many cases the result is permanent and free of hair growth permanently.
In: Hair removal by electrolysis is quite expensive and time consuming process. So it is used for small areas like the upper lip, eyebrows and armpits. Many women describe the process as painful and can appear dry skin, itching and irritation. Infection is one of the risks if the clips of the specific device is not sterile.
Tips: Discuss with your doctor if you care for this method. Maybe you can suggest a center with the necessary “parchments”.

Laserlaser hair removal

A laser beam scans the skin, penetrates into the pockets and stops the growth of hair. It presents the best results in women with light skin and dark hair because the melanin of the hair absorbs more light making the treatment more effective.
Duration: Theoretically the result is permanent although most women need to do maintenance every 6-12 months.
-Pros: It offers permanent relief from the hair and large areas can be depilated with this method.
By: Laser hair removal is the most expensive method and is currently a privilege of those who have enough money to spare. Slight irritation and redness may occur during treatment.
Tips: Use cold compresses to reduce irritation after treatment. Also if you avoid sun exposure before treatment, you increase its effectiveness.


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